Enhanced Biological Research
Artificial intelligence for everyday biology – using information your way

Artificial intelligence has transformed how we interact with and use data. And yet, we see a decided gap in the application of AI methods to biological information. Small and large ideas that leverage AI to bring biological information closer to scientists can improve insights from data and streamline research, minimizing time and cost-intensive failures and reworks.

We have ideas to enable more powerful uses of information that not only allow researchers to be more efficient, but also enable them to see connections, trends and patterns that have remained hidden in the way we currently consume biological information. We'd like to hear what you think.


New biology search

A search engine that interprets natural language, scans the biology knowledge landscape and retrieves relevant information based on meaningful concept associations.
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Watch a video here that shows you how NBS works.

In silico biology

Models of disease based on known connectivity in biological pathways that simulate changes in the system in a time course to identify diseased and healthy states and predict ways to move the system from the first to the latter.
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A new tool designed to speed up finding and retrieving the right dataset(s) to analyze your research.
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As a first example: quickly search GEO with advanced analytics and facilitated downloads to get your selected data in seconds.
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How it works

This website is designed for trying out new things, for engaging in a dialog that will guide the development of next-generation tools that enhance biological research with AI.

We will post ideas at different readiness stages – from brainstorming to product prototype – and ask you for your thoughts. The goal is to allow ideas to evolve with your input. Thus, expect changes, different directions, and swift decisions about what works and what does not.

To participate

Provide your name and e-mail. Why? Because who you are matters and we want to engage in a two-way exchange. Upon joining, browse ideas, test prototypes, and then share your thoughts. Make sure to come back regularly as we add new ideas and update those that have piqued your interest.

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